My first international party took place Wednesday night and Buddha Bar was the only spot playing Hip-Hop music. I got to the door and they were trying to not let me in. I’m saying to myself coming on, I’m the only black dude out here you know I’m not from Spain LOL. Anyways I think I told them I wanted to buy a table or I played American football. I was lifting weights heavy back then so I was a little buff and definitely fit compared to European standards. I walked in the club and it was cool, nothing fancy but it was a new experience and I was curious to see what would happen. The music was on point and it was surprising to hear Jay-Z, DMX, Ja Rule; Def Jam was holding down the Hip-Hop game during this time. The Bar was old, hard wood floors, a few black couches, wooden bar, dance floor, packed with patrons trying to get drinks. Behind the dance floor was a large area of tables and chairs for those not trying to dance the night away. The most interesting thing was the amount of tall black dudes in the club. Obviously they are over here playing ball and when you’re an American and you see ball players from the states they show you love. You might be one of the few Americans they see besides their teammates or competitors. I remember kicking it with Sean Rooks, he use to play for the Minnesota Timberwolves a few years prior and dude was so cool. He was buying drinks, talking to me like we’ve known each other for years. The cool thing when you meet Americans in other countries its an automatic bond from my experiences. I’m meeting all the other ball players from the states and then I start to get upset I didn’t grow taller or my high school coaches didn’t work with me more because I realized these guys where having so much fun. All they did was go to practice, kick it at night, play games and make money. What a great life I was thinking, I still think it’s a sweet deal!


WWN and Shawn

The night went on and I met three people from Chicago and I was proud to be a Chicagoan. Sean and Rita who happened to be dating that I met at separate times during the party and another guy from the suburbs. Sean and Rita were working out there and they were really cool people. It is always great to find out how and why other Americans are in another country especially in Europe during March. Buddha Bar was closing and luckily the party doesn’t stop in Barcelona. We jumped in a taxi and went to another party around 3 am and this place was nice. It had a panoramic layout, all white interior; dance floor centered in the middle of the club with seats surrounding the dance floor. The best part about the after party was there was no cover. One of the other ball players told me something that stuck with me for a long time, he said, “I love it here, I been to 13 countries and I can go to parties and wear whatever I want and I don’t pay to party. Go back to the states and you will notice the difference, no one here pulled up in limousines, dressed up or popping bottles.” When he said that I realized going out in the States is retarded.


Will and French girl

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