Over the years, while traveling on a weekly basis, I’ve picked up a few items that help make every one of my trips to the airport and flying more enjoyable. Hopefully they will benefit you too.











V-Neck sweaters keep you warm when the plane is cold from an early flight or when your neighbor has their vent on full blast.  V-necks can also take a few more punches than a button up or short sleeve shirt and it doesn’t easily wrinkle.  My preference is Banana Republic because of the weight, color options and durability after many cleanings.

Banana Republic











Loafers are the best when going thru TSA.  You can easily get in and out of your shoes and not hold up the people behind you.  An added benefit is being able to slip in and out of your loafers on the flight.  If you’re going to be on a flight for a couple of hours, make yourself at home.  Cole Hann makes very comfortable shoes that are stylish and worth the extra money spent.  I’ve had my pair for a few years now and they still feel like new!

Cole Hann












The deconstructed blazer is great for looking GQ while traveling.  You can easily slip your blazer off when going thru security and fold your jacket and put in your overhead bind.  They also take some great punches when the overhead is tight and you have to squeeze your blazer on top of your luggage.  A little tip: ask the flight attendant to hang your jacket up for you.  They have plenty of space in her jacket closet.  Walking into Macy’s and finding my Ben Sherman blazer was the best decision I made.

Ben Sherman









Early morning flights or sitting in the middle or aisle seat with a passenger who refuses to pull down the window shade, calls for a sleep mask.  I have a tendency to stay up late from excitement about my trip or packing at the last minute and look forward to my flights to catch up on some zzz’s.  A sleep mask will definitely keep the pressure off your eyes from the sun or cabin light.  My professional sleeping life has gone to new heights with my sleep mask.  Flight 001 gives you many options to choose from, that you wouldn’t be able to see while wearing one.

Flight 001











Airplanes can be loud at 30,000 feet in the air and with most planes offering Direct TV or passengers bringing their Ipads to provide their own in flight entertainment, noise cancelling headphones will add even more comfort to your flight.  Creative Aurvana X-fi are great because they do an amazing job canceling noise and the 3D sound option really brings the audio to life.  And the travel case is great to protect the headphones from my tendency to overpack.  Just make sure you don’t miss the flight attendant’s attempt to provide you with your complimentary beverage.