Gamewatchers Porini Amboseli

Amanda is a teacher from Chicago who was planning a 52-day volunteer trip to Zambia.  Before settling into Zambia, she wanted to visit a Kenya, Ethiopia and South Africa.  When she started planning to visit Kenya, she become overwhelmed researching safari companies.  Around the same time World Wide Nate (WWN) was in Kenya on safari with Gamewatchers Porini Amboseli camp.  After seeing WWN’s Instagram posts from Porini Amboseli she decided to contact Gamewatchers.  In addition to the game drives they offer culture experience with the Maasai tribe. Gamewatches partners with the Maasai tribes living in conservancies and hire them to work at their camps.  Amanda booked her stay at Porini Amboseli, however Julie’s, safari consultant, excellent customer service made her feel comfortable and safe.

Shortly, after her stay at Porini Amboseli, Amanda contacted WWN to updated him about her wonderful stay and thank him for posting on Instagram.  She also asked WWN if he had any recommendations in Johannesburg for her upcoming 14-hour layover.  He suggested she book a tour with Curiocity Hostels in Maboneng and she did a half day tour of Soweto.


The key learning is Gamewatches consultants were prompt with their follows up and provided her with clear information that compelled her to book. In order for an influencer brand partnership to work, brands have to be prepared to convert follower leads into customers.