The Tillary Hotel

Saira, an Instagram follower of @worldwidenate; from Copenhagen, Denmark, and was planning a trip to NYC in January 2019 to see a guy she was dating. She booked her flight and hotel without trip cancelation insurance.  In a turn of events two months before her trip, the guy and her aren’t on speaking terms anymore. She decided to continue on with her first trip to NYC, but in the process discovered the hotel she booked received bad reviews. Additionally, she has apprehensions about of traveling solo, and considered canceling and losing her money.  

Determined to figure out how make her NYC happen, she reached out to World Wide Nate (WWN) via Instagram, trusting he would be able to provide her with options on where to stay in NYC. WWN provided her with two hotel options that he has a personal relationship with; the House of Kooser clients: The Tillary and Refinery Hotel. House of Kooser, represents a collection of boutique style properties around the world. Saira eventually canceled her previous hotel reservation and booked with The Tillary.  When WWN asked Saira out of all the people in the world, why did she ask him? Saira replied,

“Cause you travel! Duh 🙄 haha And you genuinely seem like you enjoy interacting with people of other cultures/places. That is why I felt comfortable with asking for help”.

After Saira booked, WWN sent an email to his contact at The Tillary Hotel, introducing her to Saira. WWN further explained that he convinced Saira not to cancel her trip, book The Tillary and asked if they could help make sure her first NYC visit a  great one. The Tillary replied and upgraded to a suite and noted her as a  VIP guest.


WWN loves curating content and sharing with his engaged audience, which has given him the ability to convert his followers into customers. Millennials are investing their disposable income into experiences, which they discover through digital influencers. World Wide Nate’s mission to demystify travel for the average millennial, created the opportunity to connect Saira with The Tillary. Saira is a new customer who will become a micro sales force to her friends and family in Denmark and beyond. Making content for brands that love people translate into brand love.

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