Diary of a Professional Eater: Carnivore and Lucky Bean, Johannesburg

I’m a profession eater and there are two more places I enjoyed dinning in Johannesburg: Carnivore Restaurant and Lucky Bean.  Carnivore is an award winning restaurant (Best Traditional Restaurant, Runner-up Restaurant of the Year) and the dramatic entrance consumes you with anticipation with various African animal statues.  You can have a photo shoot with everything they have on display from a larger then life Nelson Mandela Statue, Zulu Kingdom thrown and statue of King Shaka Zulu.

March 9th, 2012|

Live from South Africa

In a few hours I’m headed home to South Africa, Africa; the motherland.  During this life changing journey I’m going to explore SA visiting Johannesbrug, Kruger Park, Cape Town, Durban and much more!

February 16th, 2012|

1st Party in Barcelona at Buddha Bar

My first international party took place Wednesday night and Buddha Bar was the only spot playing Hip-Hop music. I got to the door and they were trying to not let me in. I’m saying to myself coming on, I’m the only black dude out here you know I’m not from Spain LOL. Anyways I think I told them I wanted

March 10th, 2005|