I found this video about Jared and Derek Younger who spent 5 years looking for their fathers 1965 Chevy Impala SS and I was moved by the video.  Once I “make it” I have a desire to buy and 50’s or 60’s American car and spend my weekends cruising around the city with my wife.  Watching the video was touching and reminded me about the days I spent driving across the States and road trips I have taken in Canada, Jamaica, Mexico Tobago and Puerto Rico.

Jamaica Road Trip:  Monetgo Bay to Negril

World Wide Advice:  When you visit a foreign land rent a car and take a drive around or outside of the city your visiting.  Renting a car and driving allows you to connect with the land.  Visiting another countries gives you an appreciation of the journey to that land and driving also adds to the value of the experience, when you realize you visited and drove in that country.