Do you remember when your woman was watching the Travel Channel and said that looks pretty?  She was actually saying I want you to take me there.  Us fellas don’t think in the suggestive terms so here are a few destinations to take her on the next vacation.

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Rome is very sexy because of the history, food, language, fashion, and the Italians are a lot friendlier than the French.  Rome is known for the Colosseum, but an evening stroll to the Fountain di Trevi at night when the tourist have cleared out is the better choice.  The world famous fountain stands 85 feet high and 65 feet wide.  You can participate in the tradition of throwing a penny in the fountain, but before you do make a wish.  If you brought her all the way to  Rome, wish for many years of bliss together.  Buy a map, rent a bike and explore the city, you don’t need a tour guide being stuck with a bunch of other tourists.  Enjoy the freedom of seeing Rome on your own and if you want more information about a sight ask a Roman and hear the history from their point of view.  The food lives up to all the hype of true Italian food not American Italian.  The best pizza in the world is in Rome, sorry Chicago.  After dinner spend the evening in a piazza for drinks and great conversation.  If you’re outgoing strike up a conversation with some locals and exchange stories.

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Napa Valley

Journey to Napa Valley for vineyards and wine tasting.  If she is a foodie then she knows her wines but your a novice you sure to pick up a few things.  Book a room at the Cottage Grove Inn and, enjoy rockers on the porch, wood burning fireplaces and  complimentary bikes along scenic roads to wineries.  Buy a few bottles and bring them along for dinner at local restaurants.  Breakfast is included with your stay.  Bring her here to eat good, add some wines to your collection and unwind.

Cottage Grove

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Shoal Bay, Anguilla

Anguilla is a luxury escape and one of the main activities is to relax on the beach.  Shoal Bay voted one of the best beaches in the caribbean is a heavenly beach.  White sand and turquoise waters are the two main attractions you come here to enjoy.  If your style is luxury beach bum then Anguilla is the place you’re looking for.  There is nothing more sexy then being on a beach with your woman flocking in the Caribbean sun.

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Cabo San Lucas

Cabo Azul is a luxury all-villa resort designed with a 3 tier pool, swim up bar and pool beds; you will see all this before you enter your room. The 1-bedroom villa is 1200 sq ft and comes with a king size bed, jacuzzi in the bedroom, walk-in shower, living room, dinner room and full kitchen.  Save money on food by heading to their local version of Walmart down the street and buy groceries.  During the day hangout pool side or enjoy the sand near the resort.  The undertow is too strong so no swimming out there.  If the luxury life of your villa gives you cabin fever participate in one of the many excursions that range from zip lining to ATV tours.

Los Cabo is a timeshare haven and before you leave the airport one of the competing time share hustlers will probably offer you around $300 dollars of free activities in exchange to hear one of their presentations before you leave.  They will give you money for your taxi and feed you breakfast, just be prepared to say “no'” a lot if you’re not interested.  The booze cruise in Cabo San Lucas is a great outing to let loose and meet new people after you’ve met everyone at Cabo Azul.