During a shopping trip in Guangzhou, China; the largest city in China by area and 3rd largest by population, I was standing on the street when this cute kid surprises me by grabbing my leg.  I hear him say I love you and playfully swings on my leg and as soon as I look up his mother is in my face holding her hand out.  Suddenly, I realize they are trying to hustle me for money.  The little boy was so cute and innocent and his english was pretty good too as he whispered I love you and gave a soft peek on my hand.  My host was disinterested and didn’t give the duo a glance.  I was amused and wanted to see where this would go and I soon found out how a cute 5 year old can become abrasive in seconds.  Check out the video for the full story.  It has become dark with the transfer of the file but the audio is hilarious!