Lin-sanity is in full effect around the country following his dominant play against the Lakers as he filled up the box score with 38 points,  7 assists and 4 rebounds.  Watching the game I was amazed by this his skill set and how he played with composure.  He lead his team to defeat the Lakers and he outscored  Kobe “Black Mamba” Bryant.  The next game he went on the lead the Knicks past the Minnesota Timberwolves and hit two crucial free throws in the final seconds for their 5th straight victory.  Leading your team to five consecutive wins in the NBA cements you as the real deal.

My curiosity grew to find out where did Jeremy Lin come from?  He grew up in Northern California and lead his high school team to a state title and Harvard offered him a spot on their men’s team.  He played all four seasons and graduated with a degree in Economics with a 3.1 GPA.  I still wanted to know more about him; where did his parents or grandparents come from?  I discovered his parents are of Taiwanese and Chinese decent.  Taiwan has a huge basketball influence and I’ve experienced it first hand when I visited and played basketball on the streets of Taipei.  Taipei’s vibe is a mix of Hong Kong and Tokyo, nothing is overstated.  Watch the webisode and to see my WORLD WIDE basketball skills!