While enjoying my electrifying Pandora playlist I fell in love with this song! The dynamic of the song, reminds me of a Chicago house music track from the 90’s.  Little Dragon’s sound is unexpected and keeps my mind stimulated even when going off 5 hrs of sleep.  Little Dragon’s unique sound reminds me of my visit to their home land Sweden.  They are from Gothenburg and I had the pleasure of visiting Stockholm during a balmy summer and the vibe of the city made me say, smart.  The posh residents of Stockholm made for great people watching.  The lack of scrapers and charming architecture created a pleasant experience as I rubber necked left and right marveling at the various shades of citizens passing by.


I hope my affection for Little Dragon’s music garners the same  support in Sweden.  I know being from Chicago we are tough on our local artists and the love they receive elsewhere might be greater then the support they would receive in their hometown.