In a few hours I’m headed home to South Africa, Africa; the motherland.  During this life changing journey I’m going to explore SA visiting Johannesbrug, Kruger Park, Cape Town, Durban and much more!  In each city you will get a front row seat and learn everything you need to know about SA.  I hope to inspire you to start planning your trip to South Africa and experience this beautiful country first hand.  The South Africa Tourism Board is my host and they have rolled out the red carpet.  My co-pilots are Rob Lloyd, Stop Having a Boring Life; Ryan Gargiulo, Pause the Moment and Teri Johnson, Travelista TV.  Follow me on Twitter, hashtag #visitsouthafrica and my Fan Page

Its hard for me to put my excitement into words, I’v tried to imagine what I will experience and at the same time I’m looking forward to all the surprises along the way.  My main goal is to share everything with you so you can feel like your there with me!  Well, I’m off to the airport…SHOWTIME!!!