I just got back from taking my mother to New Zealand and Australia for her 70th birthday.  I’ve been planning this trip since last summer when we were in London and Paris.  My sister and I threw my mother a surprise birthday party for her 60th birthday so I had to do it big for her 70th.  My mother has been to Europe, South America, Africa and the Caribbean and going down under was the perfect destinations for a celebration.  Since my sister passed away in 2009 and my father last year, I have made it my goal to create as many lifelong memories as I can with my mother.  Life is short and it’s important to cherish the people who love you the most and not chase folks who don’t give a damn about you.

My mother and I have been traveling since I was a kid. My first time flying in a plane was in the 3rd grade; we went to Disney World.  We flew back when passengers could smoke on airplanes and my ears were popping from the cabin pressure. My mom was sad because she couldn’t do anything to alleviate my pain.  I tried everything from chewing gum to swallowing air.

Nevertheless, times have changed and this adventure kicked off the right way when we flew first class together.  I’ve flown first class plenty of times (humble brag) and raved about my experiences to my mother.  However, on this trip we would be able to rave to each other about the flight.  I also decided to film every moment and I’m planning to produce a mini-doc about our trip so stayed tuned.  In the meantime follow me on Instagram , Facebook and Y0utube and stay in the loop on what’s in store!

Always remember, Keep it Global!