Fela Kuti said music is a weapon but for me it s my cinema.  Itunes is playing on shuffle when Drake’s song, “The Tourist Outro”comes on. The classical piano medley makes me close my eyes and I immediately envision a perfect sunset in Los Angeles.  In reality an old friend shared a park with me to see this beautiful sunset and the memory  just consumed me.  The park is located on a cul de sac street facing the pacific ocean anchored by residential homes in the Pacific Palisades.  (MAP)

Listening to the song reminded me of sitting on a park bench over looking the houses and beaches in the valley below.  Traffics was following up the Pacific Coast Highway toward Malibu and surfers drifted in the distance waiting to catch the next wave.  I anxiously waited for the conclusion of the sunset in hopes of seeing the green flash.  Unfortunately it didn’t appear nevertheless I enjoyed the best place to see the sunset in Los Angeles.


enjoying the beautiful sunset in Los angeles


Sunset in Pacific Palisades

sunset view from pacific palisades