In my opinion I think if everyone in life has access to a beach it there be world peace.  Beaches are my sanctuary where I feel closest to God.  The continuous battle of land and water brings a calming peaces in the mist of their combat.  Pigeon Point is the battle ground and a $3 USD, $20 TTD (Trinidad and Tobago Dollar) entrance fee to the private area is followed by a 5 mph cruise for 5 minutes to park and descend upon the stunningly beautiful coral sand beach.  Pigeon Point shaped like a thumb up features huts that house beach wear clothing, souvenir and snack shops.  You have plenty of free beach chairs, covered picnic tables, children play area and a sea of balmy palm trees to maintain the cool breeze and shade.

The sand is soft, water is extremely calm even during high tide time as my mother and me arrived around 4pm to enjoy the sunset. My adventure seeking self loved the fact that I could walk out 50 yards (see pic of me and notice the rope barrier in the back) into the see and water stayed at my chest level (I stand 6’0 tall). My mother even took a jump in and felt fine considering she doesn’t know how to swim but she can float better then me. It was a great time being on vacation with my mom and seeing her happy and relaxed. Jet skis, kayaks, wind surfing are available too and you can even see a game of cricket going on. Pigeon Point is a great place to visit while in Tobago, you can chill out with mom, a group of friends or a special someone too.