The Portuguese couldn’t take the heat of Rio de Janerio when they landed in Brazil, opting for the cool breeze by the beach so they sent all the poor people to live in the hills that have become favelas.  They didn’t realize until it was too late the prime real estate was being occupied by the poor.  Rocinha is the result of that decision and today is the largest favela in Brazil and South America.

My friend Zenziho operates a Favela Tour company giving visitors an authentic experience to learn about Rocinha.  During my trek to the top of Rocinha we were able to enjoy this beautiful view.  Even on a cloudy day it was amazing to see Rio from this angle.  I would say this view can compete with Christ the Redeemer’s view located in the far left of the picture.  One thing is for sure, it was well worth the hike to the top.

view rio from the top of rocinha favela


touch the sky in Rocinha favela