When I read, “An Australian man has been sentenced to 500 lashes and  a year in a Saudi Arabian jail after being convicted of blasphemy”, I gasped.  My natural instinct when traveling abroad or in the States is to avoid any type of altercation with the law.  I consider myself a well mannered person and its not a tall task for me but sometimes trouble finds you.  I never had a police run in but I did have one with a bounce at a club in Hong Kong.  A group of friend and me were taking an elevate up to a club and a stranger started mocking something I said on the ride up.  My friend Sam, gets upset and give this guy a combo punch to the face as we walk out the elevator.  The two of us go to the bathroom and I’m in utter shock like why did you just clock this guy and I’m so tickled by the situation, I start calling Sam “rock em, sock em”!  We leave the bathroom to find our friends and  while were standing against a wall this short Asian bouncer comes in my face and starts getting loud with me thinking I punched the guy.  In my mind I’m cracking up because this bouncer  is about 5’7, 175 lbs and I’m 6’0, 205 lbs at the time.  The other thought that goes thru my mind is why he have to come and accuse the black man of violence.  As he is yelling I’m calmly telling him to check his facts and chill out.  Right before the situation was about to get out of hand, Sam’s wife gets in the bouncers face and start yelling at him in Cantonese.  Standing in complete shock of what I just witnessed the guy who was punched came into the situation to identify Sam as his attacker and not me.  The bouncer squeaked out a half apology and we all left the club.  The entire situation took about five minutes but looking back is hilarious.  The main thing I learned is to always be calm trouble comes looking for you especially when your in a foreign country.   Check out the story below.

An Australian man has been sentenced to 500 lashes and a year in a Saudi Arabian jailafter being convicted of blasphemy, officials said Wednesday.

The 45-year-old man, identified by family members as Mansor Almaribe of southern Victoria state, was detained in the holy city of Medina last month while making the Muslim pilgrimage of hajj. Family members told Australian media that Saudi officials accused him of insulting the companions of the Prophet Muhammad, a violation of Saudi Arabia’s strict blasphemy laws.

Australia’s ambassador in Saudi Arabia has contacted Saudi authorities in a bid for leniency, theDepartment of Foreign Affairs said. Consular officials are providing support for the man and his family in Australia.

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