Ayanda giving me skate board lessons.

Nelson Mandela and O.R. Tambo’s law firm.

All of my Johannesburg visits since 2012 have been short and I spent majority of my time in the suburbs like Sandton.  I felt like I’ve been missing the vibe showcased on my friends Instagram stories and feeds over the years.  During my visit in May 2018, I would finally get to experience what the city of Joburg had to offer thanks to Joburg in Your Pocket.  They set up me with City Skate Tours, on a tour of Joburg by skate board.  I’m always down for an adventure and with my recent foray into the snowboarding world I felt prepared.

I met up with Ayanda the owner of City Skate Tours at Curiosity Hostels in Maboneng. Maboneng is a revitalized hipster area home to a mix of residential buildings, workspaces, restaurants and bars.  Before the adventure, Ayanda equipped me with wrist braces, helmet, knee and elbow pads.  He then proceeded to give me a comprehensive lesson on how to ride a skate board.  His lesson was simple but it gave me the confidence to ride on the tour.  We start cruising around Maboneng and he tells me the history of the area and he has answers for my curious mind.  We eventually make our way to through downtown Joburg making frequent stops along the way.  My favorite stop was at Nelson Mandela’s old law firm office, which he started with O.R. Tambo.  The Johannesburg International Airport is named after, Oliver Reginald Tambo.

The tour concluded back at Curiosity Hostels and if you take the tour on Sunday, you will have the rest of the day to enjoy the electric vibe of Maboneng.  For information on how to book a tour with City Skate Tour click HERE

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