When people hear the name Seychelles, an exotic African paradise is what comes to mind and based on my recent trip it is all true! Visiting Seychelles is worth every hour, multiple flights and money it takes to land at Seychelles International Airport. I can’t cover everything Seychelles has to offer in just one blog but in this post I will give you my top 10 exciting things to do in  Seychelles you can’t miss!


#1 Activities

Being an island water sports are available everywhere you go and the scenery on Mahé is spectacular. Paddle boarding, kayaking, snorkeling, water skiing, parasailing and donut rides at your disposal. Mamila Watersports at the Coral Strand Hotel and iSurf are great options for water activities. Mahé is tropical and has forests throughout the island and zip-lining at the Kempinski Hotel is a fun activity with easy climbs that families with children as young as 7 years old can participate in.

#2 Food

Island food has always been my favorite especially in Africa were I’ve been introduced to a variety of fish not available in the United States. In the Beau Vallon neighborhood pop up vendors are selling fresh seafood plates made with love. The Banyan Tree Seychelles has a Thai food cooking class were I learned how to make Tom Yum Goong (Traditional spicy prawn soup, lemongrass, galangal), Gaeng Kiew Wan Gai (braised chicken green curry, apple eggplants, sweet basil leaves, accompanied with fried floppy sea bass and salted egg) and for dessert Gluay Thod (Banana fritter, Thai ice tea ice cream).  If you don’t have time to participate in the cooking class dinning here is a must!

Tankya and I spent the afternoon learning how to make two Thai dishes at the Banyan Tree Seychelles

The calm before the storm.

I was so hungry and ate a few bites before I realized I need to take a photo.

#3 Night market

The night market on Tuesday’s in Beau Vallon is a great experience which allows you the opportunity to support the local community. In a parking lot adjacent to the beach multiple vendors set-up pop up tents selling everything from food to clothes. You will see a mixture of tourist and families enjoying perfect sunsets on Mahé.

#4 No hustlers

Seychelles has the most courteous street vendors I’ve encountered. A vendor will approach you with their sales pitch to purchase items their selling. If you decline their offer they tell you ok and enjoy your day. They don’t hit you with a barrage of counter offers I’ve experience in other destinations. Their friendly laid back vibe adds a subtle value to your vacation.


#5 Anse Lazio

Anse Lazio is one of the most beautiful beaches in Seychelles. The beach has blinding white sand and clear blue water.  The relaxing nature of the beach allows you to relax and unwind. If you have a drone you can take some great photos here to share on social media.


#6 The Vallée de Mai

Seychelles’ second UNESCO World Heritage Site takes you into the middle of the island to visit their ancient palm forest.  Here you will find the gigantic palm tree seeds and hundred year old trees. You can also do bird watching here and spot beautiful fauna and floral. My suggestion is to hire a freelance guide and skip the big group tours. 

I”m holding a seed that creates palm trees.

#7 Curieuse Island

A day trip to Curieuse Island is fun from the time you get off the boat and greeted by hundred year old Aldabra giant land tortoises.  These hospitable creatures are extremely welcoming and will stay by your side all day long if you feed them leaves from a nearby tree. After you feed the tortoises its time to eat lunch cooked fresh in the picnic area by the native fisherman.  

Curieuse Island is populate with hundred of hundred year old tortoises. These friendly guys are gentle giants.


A great half day excursion to Curieuse Island to see the giant tortoise and enjoy lunch on the beach.

This guy right here is a beast on the grill.


#8 Bicycle is the main mode of transportation

La Digue has a quaint charm with its small roads and intimate vibe.  The primary mode of transportation is bicycle followed by four wheeled karts.  The lack of loud motorized vehicles adds to the tranquility of La Digue.  

No cars to make loud noise on La Digue

The primary mode of transportation on La Digue bicycle and kart

#9 Anse Source d’Argent

Anse Source d’Argent is arguably the most photographed beach in the world.  The beach is covered with dramatic granite rocks that create a variety of unique formations and endless picturesque moments.  Here you can rent a clear kayak from Crystal Water Kayak and feel like you’re apart of the sea.  If you’re not up for kayaking you can find plenty of coves created by the rocks to enjoy your private piece of paradise. 

Floating on the clear kayak from Clear Kayaks- La Digue. Hit them up on Facebook and recreate this experience.

#10 Free Climbing

If you want to experience some adventure then I suggest free climbing the granite boulders in La Digue.  The best company to guide you is  Sunny Trail Guide, Robert knows where all the best spots are to climb, I was able to capture some great drone shots at Grand Anse Beach.  He is also a great photographer and he will take you to locations most visitors don’t know exist.


Where to stay:


Coral Strand Hotel

Kempinski Seychelles

Banyan Tree Seychelles



Le Duc de Praslin


Chateau St. Cloud


For more information on what to do on the islands of the Seychhelles, visit the Seychelles Tourism Board

To find out the flight schedule and times to Seychelles visit Air Seychelles website.  Their airport code is SEZ.


Thank you to the Seychelles Tourism Board for hosting me on my trip to the island and Air Seychelles who provided excellent service.

All view and opinions are my own.