My first hostel experience was during my stay at the Ipanema Beach House in Ipanema. I really didn’t know what to expect but I was excited about staying at a hostel but I’m cheap so I was motivated by the price of $25 per night also. Ipanema Beach House was a great choice with its perfect location, two blocks from Ipanema Beach. The two-story hostel was the perfect size and had great amenities. IBH has a pool, bar, 24-hour cyber café, all you can eat breakfast, guest kitchen to cook your own food, transfer from airport and 24 hour security.

The people I met were really amazing and covered all parts of the globe. Hahn and Hans were by far the most memorable. These guys were from Colorado and they saved up $15,000 each and in five months went to eighteen countries. At the time they were at the beginning of their trip but the stories we shared were amazing! Hahn, who I still communicate with, was on his third trip traveling around the world. He use to live in New Zealand, had friends all over the world and was three years younger then me. He ignited a wave of global thoughts I had never conceived until I met him. A group of Norwegian girls kept me in laughter as they taught me new card games and we enjoyed $5 Caphrinas, Brazils national drink.


The vibe was like being in an international college as most hostels residents tend to be 25 and younger but there are exceptions like a mother and son duo from England or a 40-year-old male schoolteacher from Los Angeles. The hostel life provides the excitement of a new experience everyday as you learn about co-habitants story, why they came, where they have been and going. Meeting people like me who just get up and wander the earth looking for the next adventure life brings fascinates me. If you’re this type of person or on a budget I suggest staying in a hostel.